Wednesday, May 22, 2013


The Bay to Breakers race, 7.2 miles (From the bay side of the City, totally across it to the ocean). It is
never just a road race, it is an "experience." A rolling party--slightly more subdued this year. The Boston bombing effect. Lots of t-shirts honoring Boston.

The various teams of corporate logos and people running for causes. I ran across one guy raising awareness through his org for girl's education in Kenya. And, in the "could have done without" category, some "would be" entrepreneur had a giant prosthesis copulatory organ and was trying to charge for pictures. A few women were snapping and posing. It was funny.

Several bands along the way entertained, one was playing my favorite song by Train, "Save Me San Francisco." Beautiful sunny day and my bud from Alaska told me that they just had six inches of snow on the ground. He needs "a Save Me San Francisco." Good time.

Will have to say this. The evangelical Christians seem to always be ubiquitous at these events. They are hardcore to the max: Power in The blood, gays, bankers, heathens of all strips come in for condemnation. People run on by giving them the middle finger salute. The speaker is always articulate and could teach the politicians a thing or two on handling hostile crowds. I always smile, they are never rattled or don't seem to be. I am amazed but then in general, I'm pretty amazed with the Bay To Breakers.

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