Sunday, February 25, 2007


This is the title of a book or close. I often wonder: do those who die like in the same town, on the same day, etc. meet each other when they show up in Heaven. For instance, inSan Fran, two apparent real characters recently departed this AO (area of operations). Both appear to be quite unique; one a fireman and the other a burlesque performer. Will they meet in heaven? I think so.

The Burlesque Performer, Heather MacAllister's Obit caused me to smile--She created San Francisco's Big Burlesque and Fat Bottom Review to feature larger women. Sounds pretty courageous too. She was 38 and had ovarian cancer and chose to end her life through assisted suicide, surrounded by friends. Wow!

I have to believe that God wants people like Heather in heaven. Think about it and contrast Heather's decision to end her life her way with maybe someone you know: a person say, 90 years old, going to doctors, paying out all sorts of money to stay alive. Heather, age 38, chooses to go courageously into the "night."

Friday, February 02, 2007


I've always been a fan of our Mayor. He's young, handsome, articulate and not afraid to mix it up. A politician, of course, but way above most in my view. The only Mayor I like better is Carcetti(sp), on the HBO TV program, The Wire. The drama or maybe histrionics of the last day or so of the Mayor's indiscretion have given the newspapers and talk show hosts fuel for months to come. It is simply the way it is in our crazy culture, more so maybe here on the Left Coast. Unless you have been on another planet, (my niece who lives in Raleigh, N. C. called me about it before I had even started my day), you've read or heard about the GAV.

The Gav had a liaison with the wife of his former AID and good friend--now his former reelection campaign manager. It was brief--the wife actually worked in the Mayor's office too at the time. Had the Mayor figured out how to set this up to look bad, he could not have done a better job: a committee could not have. It happened maybe 18 months ago. The fling, affair, encounter, mess up, whatever, happened--let's call it life. But, the partner in the affair, as part of the 12 step program, in addressing her substance abuse problem, goes literal and tells her husband about the indiscretion. The husband goes into orbit, confronts Gav and resigns his position. The Mayor's good friends/staff (with friends like this, who needs enemies) leaks it. The news, talk show ranters, the press in general goes bananas and everybody has an opinion, including this blogger.

GAV STEPS UP TO THE PLATE. Had he been one of my favorite politicians, "the Bill" as in Clinton, he would have spun it: what is is?--exactly what do you mean: I did not have sex with that woman. (We believe you, Bill, oral sex is just 'play like')". My man, however, the Gav, stepped before the mike and said something like, "everything you've read is true. I am deeply sorry especially for the people that I've hurt and care about." I'm not sure that he said, "please forgive" me but it was implied. Then he disappeared into his office to go on with his life.

Way to go Mayor! People mess up. It is what we call being human. I feel so badly for all concerned. And, without judgement, I doubt seriously that confessing will bring the sort of relief that the 12 step programs promise. My experience is that it will not. The idea that confession is good for the soul is more a myth than reality. What usually happens is that innocent people are hurt. And, once the tale is told, there is no taking it back. Look at this case. The act had already been done, regardless of how it might be looked at: wrong, sad, lapse in judgement, adinfinitum: it was done. Sex is a powerful, unacknowledged aspect of our lives but it happens and in this case all admit passions got out of control. The next move was the aggrieved husband, once told, does the obvious thing: the result, he resigns his job. So, the question: who has benefitted? The Gav is our Mayor, popular, energetic and the poor husband is out of work. A big price.

And, we never know, in the great scheme of things, what it will bring? The mayor will survive it. And, we hope the other parties will too. God bless them all and us. Ain't life messy?