Thursday, April 22, 2010


Subject: Too good not to share

We all know that at one time or another, every weirdo in the world has
shown up in San Fran. I saw two this morning: a guy literally crawed
across the street at Market and Van Ness. Horns were honking and he
was giving them the finger. I was amazed that somebody didn't rum over
him. When we got to the other side, he started mooning people. Most
were like me, smiling and laughing. This is San Fran. And the other
guy has on about ten shirts, this is indescribable and he is wearing
this beatiful fluffly skirt and hi-heels. This was in North Beach.

But, this is one for the books. I'm running up these three gigantic
hills, Stockton at Bay all the way into North Beach which is at
Columbus and Green. Anyway, I'm trudging along and meet this young guy
who whips a snappy salute on me, runs over in front of me, drops on
one knee and kisses my hand. I felt like the Pope. What could I do. I
ran on. Now, I'm thinking a couple of things: this was God or Jesus
and there's a hidden message here. Or, the guy was acknowleging an old
guy running up these gigantic hills. What think? Welcome back Sam. I
missed you but don't think anybody else did. Just kidding. Power in
the blood.

As a longtime medical provider to the citizenry of this fair City, I wish to remind you that this behavior is not extraordinary here. The captivating beauty of the surroundings often throws some individuals off their game. They become entranced, hypnotized, confused, and often completely disorganized. They exhibit, on occasion, behavior the average 70 yr. old finds startling, or amusing, or repulsive(to a point)! I have found the best remedy for such encounters is the simplest: some light conversation, never threaten or use the parental tone, smile a lot, and think happy thoughts.
I've made a number of friends with these street folks and we have breakfast Mondays and Fridays. Join us for a group hug.