Thursday, January 13, 2011

My Bracelet

I was running literally the streets of San Francisco, all in tact, to include my sweater. You learn quickly that if you live in San Fran, you never go anywhere without a sweater. Mark Twain aside ad he is reported to have said, "The coldest winter I ever had was the summer I spent in San Francisco." Every season is the same. A sweater, absolutely essential. That fog rolls in. I love it. One of those days I'm out running. Up the San Fran hills, my specialty. I take off my sweater. A couple of blocks and I realize my bracelet is gone. What! My bracelet: a silver Montanyard chieftain bracelet from the Nam. I rush back to where I pulled off my sweater. It had to be there. I am never without it. Dang. I look, nothing, there's a drainage. I look everywhere. It can't be. I walk around in a circle. I am beside myself. How could this happen. Nobody understands. For weeks, I still am in a daze, at least for me.