Thursday, December 02, 2010


This had been quite the day for experiences. Went to Lupe, age14, granddaughter's school for what they call, "Generation Day." Lick (name of founder or benefactor, another name too but can't remember. It is a private school. Cost more to go than to many colleges. However, it bills itself as a "private school with a public school persona," whatever that means. What I think it means is that based on its endowment, they can afford to scholarship lots of kids who otherwise wouldn't get to go to a private school. We went to Lupe's biology class. Sitting in the classroom of say 20, it was like being at the United Nations, about 7 white kids, the rest Asian, Filipinos, AA, Etc. In fact, when we checked in, I met Bernie, another grandparent. A lawyer I think. He loved to talk and so I listened. He told me that it is estimated that there are a hundred languages spoken in the SF United School District. Wow. Another couple of interesting facts. In North Beach, the Italians always rented the property. Now, the Chinese have come in and bought all the buildings. Bernie's wife is writing a book about San Fran neighborhoods. There are 130 at least. Wow.

Xmas in San Fran

The other night Jackie and I went to the Hyatt Regency for the lighting of the Christmas tree and a night of entertainment. A good night although Jackie is still talking about a hamburger and a bowl of soup costing $80. Interesting crowd. Diversity of course but lots of families with little children. While we were eating, a couple sat close by with three small kids; the woman left and never came back and the guy wrestled with the kids all night. Kind of funny but would love to know the story.

Only saw one crazy. Well, it was raining. This guy was about 6 ten, 400 pounds in boxer shorts. Friendly as all get out, couldn't figure out if he was crazy or just super eccentric, may have owned the Hyatt. People didn't seem to be frightened of him and it appeared that he was known by many. Now that I'm thinking of it, potential Mayor, maybe.