Friday, October 14, 2011

Only In San Francisco

In San Fran, we have a saying or maybe it's world wide, "only in San Francisco." And, this is true. It is like a habitat of standup  comedy. This morning alone, I've seen a man with a beard down to his "arsh." Another one nude and a very attractive woman jogging in her bra and panties--caused not cause a ripple. But these are merely sights. Here's another type. Jeb Bush has some sort of Ed Foundation. He comes to San Fran to have a conference and who does he get as his speaker? Rupert Murdolph. What the f..k. Talk about standup comedy, you've got to laugh. Rupert Murdolph of Fox News, of the English hacking scandal fame. A man with no shame--his newspapers hacking emails and phone messages of bereaved parents and dead soldiers. The keynote speaker! I am laughing and on second thought, I think they've come to the right place.

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