Wednesday, November 04, 2015


Sorry about that. Big money won and as some columnist I read, said,  "if you don't think money rules the day, I want to sell you a nice bridge painted golden with a nice view." Are the people stupid? And we knock out prop F on the strength of 6-8 mil poured into the campaign. We are stupid beyond words. And then we are enhancing our democracy by not voting and as my late brother, Raz, use to say, "if you don't vote, keep the f..k out of this conversation." We need some more high rises in the City, anyway. 

Tuesday, September 02, 2014


KEEPING VICTORIA’S MEMORY ALIVE. Victoria’s Buick is a gift to two young “R”ishmen. Victoria loved that car. She would sit in it for hours: she would nap, listen to the radio. When she had to give up driving, it was the beginning of the end. I would like to think she would be happy. She would because she loved you, Meg. Good move in giving it to the young troops. 
The fact that she only napped in it explains why it only has 36,000 miles on it!
It is like a brand new car. Talk about the literal “little old lady.” My memory of that car was once when Victoria talked me into going to eat at the Buckeye (great restaurant in Marin County). First of all, we missed the turn to the restaurant and then drove till we “ran out of road.” Finally we get back to the restaurant. We are so late, they have quit serving. We head back to the City (San Fran) and go across the GG Bridge at 15 MPH. The trip from hell.

Saturday, July 13, 2013


When you are on the bus what you do is try and not be obvious in noticing people. Across are two somber girls who appear to be very unhappy or maybe tired. Both wearing shorts and connected to America's Cup. Then a couple with mostly shaved heads, dressed in black, peroxide hair. Nose rings, at least ten plus ear rings. Nobody pays them any attention. This is San Framcisco

Wednesday, May 22, 2013


The Bay to Breakers race, 7.2 miles (From the bay side of the City, totally across it to the ocean). It is
never just a road race, it is an "experience." A rolling party--slightly more subdued this year. The Boston bombing effect. Lots of t-shirts honoring Boston.

The various teams of corporate logos and people running for causes. I ran across one guy raising awareness through his org for girl's education in Kenya. And, in the "could have done without" category, some "would be" entrepreneur had a giant prosthesis copulatory organ and was trying to charge for pictures. A few women were snapping and posing. It was funny.

Several bands along the way entertained, one was playing my favorite song by Train, "Save Me San Francisco." Beautiful sunny day and my bud from Alaska told me that they just had six inches of snow on the ground. He needs "a Save Me San Francisco." Good time.

Will have to say this. The evangelical Christians seem to always be ubiquitous at these events. They are hardcore to the max: Power in The blood, gays, bankers, heathens of all strips come in for condemnation. People run on by giving them the middle finger salute. The speaker is always articulate and could teach the politicians a thing or two on handling hostile crowds. I always smile, they are never rattled or don't seem to be. I am amazed but then in general, I'm pretty amazed with the Bay To Breakers.

Thursday, May 16, 2013


When I was growing up, about once a month, my dad took us to Fred Barnes (not the political junkie) barber shop. It was a little shed like structure and to this day I can smell it. Fred had no concept of hygiene and the cut and discarted hair just stayed wherever it fell for days, maybe weeks. My brother, Raz, would tell stories of how Fred would simply take a bowl and put it on the person's head and cut around it. Throughout the community, there was no doubt who had been to Fred's barber shop. Could be, Fred was way ahead of his time, especially as it relates to the "bowl" cut. The Marines have adopted it whole hog. And, if you have paid any attention to the venerable leader of North Korea, he is also a Fred disciple.

My barbers of choice in San Francisco are the Kim girls. They are pretty remarkable as persons. First of all, they are incredibl2 barbers. I guess they could be called "hair stylists." I think they are good to great. Kim and Lynn have been in America more than twenty years and have embraced the culture. Charming Is not half ot it. They remember people's names, families and asked about children and always appear to be hanging on every word. Truefully, they understand about a third. The Kim girls have mastered the basics of commo. If you don't understand, pretend you do. The vast majority of customers simply fall at their feet. I love them. They were raised in peasant families. Teenagers during the war and were part of the great amada of boat people. They are part of the great migrant success story. The Vietnam are probably America's greatest successes. LOL. The Kim girls love America and that's pretty refreshing.

Thursday, April 12, 2012


What you think. I wish I could have told the true story. 

Be mindful of strangers seeking help as they might be angels unaware (in disguise). Hebrews 12:2

Yesterday in the City, a guy came up to me and said, "Sir, would you be willing to pay a dollar for some original poetry readings." I thought to myself, "I be damn if this isn't original." In San Francisco, we get use to guys and a few females hitting us up for spare change, a buck.  Most have a hand made sign. Often, they are good shrinks as they try to tap into the publics greatest sense of generosity.  Probably the "veteran" is the most popular. It use to be Vietnam vets as we were often considered the most crazy and consequently would be more likely to be on the streets.  Now with Iraq and Afghanistan, any vet will do. Out of my own interests sometimes I quiz them,"where they served?" Most hadn't.  I would ask a vet his MOS. If he gave me the blank stare, I knew he didn't have a clue. Any vet knows his MOS (military occupation specialty--his job). Sorry, I digress.
I gave him $5 and said, "I am in a big hurry but keep doing poetry. We need it." He said, "May you be blessed today." As I fired up my car, I did momentarily think, "may you be blessed today." Interesting. 

In fact, I was on my way to to a possible minor miracle occurred. The poetry guy I think was an angel unaware. In San Francisco, there are way too many cars for parking spaces. The uber traffic cops are ubiquitous. You have to know what hours you can park, the day of the week, how long you can be in a spot. Your blood type. Even if all of these things fall into place, the chance of you getting a parking ticket is still about minimum, 75%. The only thing about the City I don't like. They get millions from parking. And, San Fran is not even ashamed of how they disdain drivers/cars. My view. So, I'm dreading this meeting. The parking, the hassle. What are my contingencies? Garage , several blocks away if that helps, the frustration, the under the breathe cursing. I see the meeting place. In front of the place is an empty space. Can't be: where is the parking meter, loading zone? What? Can't be. An empty space in front of my destination. No ominous sign, nothing. Impossible! A mirage. A miracle. Maybe!!!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Only In San Francisco

In San Fran, we have a saying or maybe it's world wide, "only in San Francisco." And, this is true. It is like a habitat of standup  comedy. This morning alone, I've seen a man with a beard down to his "arsh." Another one nude and a very attractive woman jogging in her bra and panties--caused not cause a ripple. But these are merely sights. Here's another type. Jeb Bush has some sort of Ed Foundation. He comes to San Fran to have a conference and who does he get as his speaker? Rupert Murdolph. What the f..k. Talk about standup comedy, you've got to laugh. Rupert Murdolph of Fox News, of the English hacking scandal fame. A man with no shame--his newspapers hacking emails and phone messages of bereaved parents and dead soldiers. The keynote speaker! I am laughing and on second thought, I think they've come to the right place.